21 Oct 2020

Update to part 1 video to improve audio, Resilience: Why and How. Positive coping skills and COVID-19 pages merged into new Self, Family and Resilience page.

13 Oct 2020

Three new resilence videos, Resilience: Why and How, replace old versions on the Covid, Educator, First Responder, Nursing, and Positive Coping Skills pages. Revision to Educators Multiuse Handbook for Resilience 8.3 so as to be more consistent with new resilience videos.

15 Sept 2020

Educators Multiuse Handbook for Resilience revision 8.2. Revisions include more emphasis on the Hero's Journey storytelling approach in the Introduction and Evaluation sections. STEM section updated with Raspberry Pi Imager documentation. Maker web page updated with new videos.

22 Aug 2020

Maker page updated with new videos. Video link added in Opening page.

13 Aug 2020

Supporters page created for agencies providing resources to individuals in need. Updates to Maker page.

22 July 2020

Content editing to Resources page and Diagnostics and Evaluation page for additional informational text and graphics. Meta tagging of key website pages to improve searches and access to resources.

9 July 2020

Educators Multiuse Handbook for Resilience updated to reflect Raspberry Pi OS and Node-RED programming changes in the STEM exercises. Additional minor editing for grammar and clarity throughout the text.

30 June 2020

CatTrax Diagnositic software menu and helpfile updated.

3 June 2020

Simple Web based resilience app added to supplement instruction. App parallels the resilience quick reference and can be used to support learning. Provided as a web app and as a full zipped download for use on personal computer or device. Provided as simple HTML and Javascript pages for easy personal modification.

26 May 2020

CatTrax Diagnostic software description updated to show use as a non-server application using PHPs built-in server. This is intended to make the software easier to use for those not wanting to install Apache or other server software. CatTrax can be used to analyze test and survey results to identify group and individual characterisitics.

11 May 2020

CatTrax Diagnostic software access on this server. Analyze test results using sample data file or use your own data file.

10 May 2020

Addition of CatTrax Diagnostic software application showing on new Diagnostics and Evaluation page. CatTrax is freely available as source code for your use and modification through the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Covid, Education, Responder, Maker, and Coping pages have minor wording changes for clarity.

23 Apr 2020

Covid, Education, Responder, and Coping pages updated links. Home page Social Support section eliminated, but blended into other sections.

18 Apr 2020

Covid, Education Nursing, Responder, Maker and Coping pages grammar corrections and links to updated videos.

15 Apr 2020

First Responder page updated to include videos.

14 Apr 2020

Positive Coping Skills page updated.

12 Apr 2020

Nursing and Healthcare page reorganized to include supportive training videos.

9 Apr 2020

Family, resilience, and COVID-19 page updated. Educator page updated with Teacher Guide.

5 Apr 2020

Maker page is added with playlist and videos.

3 Apr 2020

Family, resilience, and COVID-19 page added to include resources and links to new videos. Education page updated with additional resources and playlist videos. Nursing and Healthcare page updated with additional text resources. Background page is made current.

19 Oct 2019

Video playlist on how to build resilience and social support into a STEM exercise examining the Internet of Things (IoT) added to the Educator section. STEM workbook updated, in the Educator section, for minor editing to correct site addresses. Video playlist on how to mentor resilience added to Positive Coping Skills section. A family resilience workbook added and the former PTSD section is incorporated into First Responder section.

17 Aug 2019

The Community section created to demonstrate how communities become instruments of positive change.