Positive Coping Skills

Resilience is, in part, the development of positive-coping skills needed to manage stress in an optimal way. We call these positive-coping skills because our intent is to take a personal challenge and create a more positive and less stressful outcome. Protective factors for better dealing with stress include development of a social support systems, spirituality as an access to a socially supportive community, and lifestyle practices of positive coping strategies, good self-esteem, self-efficacy and effective problem solving-skills. The following will introduce you and explain these protective factors.

1. Background and Overview

Overview of protective factors based on recommendations of the World Health Organization. And, an entirely educational approach how to learn and practice those protective factors.

  • You, A Mentor of Resilience, Part 1 of 2. A very brief presentation overview for why we need to develop resilience and a social support system (4 minutes). Video »
  • You, A Mentor of Resilience, Part 2 of 2. A “how to” approach to improve resilience and develop a social support system (8 minutes). Video »

2. Learning to be Resilient

Workbook: Educators Multiuse Handbook for Resilience. The workbook is organized as a series of resilience exercises that are consistent with recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO) for suicide prevention (Suicide, 2014). Work with another person, using the first section of the workbook, on the five positive coping skill exercises (1-2 hours). Educators Multiuse Handbook for Resilience PDF »

Resilience 'App'

A simple a web-based application that parallels the content of the five skill resilience quick reference, and further allows you to create your own resilience skills. The simple app permits exploration of a personal challenge using any of the skills. All data is stored locally on your computer or device.

  • Run it! More »
  • Download Resilience Application. Download the entire app and run it on your own device. Download, unzip, start your browser and Open the index.html file in the FiveSkillApp folder to run this on your browser. Resilience App zip »

More on Persistence

A look at goal setting as a method for persisting with a challenge. Includes a brief literature review completed in the spring of 2016 that discusses history and process. More »

More on Strength

Health-related physical activity shows more desirable health outcomes across a variety of physical conditions. In general, exercise and physical activity are associated with better quality of life and health outcomes. More »

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