Nursing and Healthcare

Integrative nursing with resilience encourages putting on 'mental armor' to better protect ourselves from stressful challenges and better preparing ourselves for academic success.

Nursing Resilience Model

The resilience instructional materials are supportive of a university integrative nursing programs and may be useful to a wide range of healthcare professionals. The materials are consistent with recommendations from the World Health Organization (Suicide, 2014) for suicide prevention. The instruction design incorporates both resilience and effective learning methods.

  • Healthcare Provider...Resilience! Part 1 of 2. A very brief presentation overview for why we need to develop resilience and a social support system. Video »
  • Healthcare Provider...Resilience! Part 2 of 2. Presentation “how to” approach to improve resilience and develop a social support system. Video »
  • Resilience Quick Reference. Printable resilience quick reference 'flashcard' to supplement instruction. Resilience Reference PDF »
  • Building Social Resilience in Nursing: A Workbook. Resilience approach to integrative nursing workbook organized as a series of problem-based learning (PBL) resilience exercises that can serve as a lesson plan allowing the five positive-coping skills to be worked as a single session or as multiple sessions. Building Social Resilience in Nursing evalcopy PDF »

Resilience Design and Training for Healthcare

Interested in developing your own resilient healthcare initiative? The following resilience instructional resources evolved from a university program and the content and methods are consistent with recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO) for suicide prevention.

  • Instructional resources for training and program development to include Educators Multiuse Handbook for Resilience. Refer to the Educator section for instructional design and evaluation resources. More »
  • English/Spanish Resilience Card Template. A bilingial quick reference card template that can be laminated for wear on a hospital id necklace. Bilingual Resilience Card PDF »

Resilience 'App'

A simple a web-based application that parallels the content of the five skill resilience quick reference, and further allows you to create your own resilience skills. The simple app permits exploration of a personal challenge using any of the skills. All data is stored locally on your computer or device.

  • Run it! More »
  • Download Resilience Application. Download the entire app and run it on your own device. Download, unzip, start your browser and Open the index.html file in the FiveSkillApp folder to run this on your browser. Resilience App zip »

Nursing Education Posters

Stress. Environmental stressors & burnout are main reasons for new graduate nurses leaving nursing. The ANA supports implementation of evidence-based practices to create healthy & safe work environments for registered nurses -- poster sessions. Resilience Poster 1» Resilience Poster 2»

Gamification in Nursing Education. Incorporating gamification into an evidence-based resiliency curriculum in order to promote resiliency skills in nursing students and new graduate nurses -- poster session. Gamification Poster »

Gamification Resources

Gamified learning is an educational process of building in game elements to make learning more motivating and interesting. The goal is to encourage social interaction and support using positive coping skills that foster resilience. More »

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