These resources provide more in depth information than provided in the downloadable Educators Multiuse Handbook for Resilience. Additional supportive tools include a Resilience App that parallels the handbook, and a comprehensive diagnostic tool, CatTrax, for educators and trainers designing instruction and evaluating instructional effectiveness.

Suicide, PTSD and Stress

A brief literature review completed in the spring of 2016 discusses high-risk professions, risk factors, interventions, and protective factors. More »

Goal Setting

A look at goal setting as a method for persisting with a challenge. Includes a brief literature review completed in the spring of 2016 that discusses history and process. More »


A look at fitness as a factor in physical strength. Includes a brief literature review completed in the spring of 2016 that discusses evidence-based diet and exercise plans. More »

Resilience Instruction

Handbook This text is for anyone interested in becoming more resilient. The material is organized as a series of resilience exercises that follow World Health Organization recommendatons for suicide prevention. The exercises and the learning methods develop problem solving abilities and bring awareness to the importance of social support by applying positive-coping skills to create less stressful outcomes to real life challenges. The materials can be used with all audiences to include organizations, educational settings, and families. The first section of the handbook consists of resilience exercises that are directed to your life challenges. The second section of the text is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) approach that explores technology as a means to better understand resilience and the social support system. The exercises are intended to be completed with two or more people whether in a social group setting or through some online group system. Educators Multiuse Handbook for Resilience PDF »

Resilience Application

Resilience App Run it! A very simple a web-based 'app' that parallels the content of the five skill resilience in the Educators Multiuse Handbook for Resilience and further allows you to create your own resilience skills. The simple app permits exploration of a personal challenge using any of the skills. All data is stored locally on your computer or device. More »

Download Resilience Application. Download the entire app and run it on your own device. Download, unzip, start your browser and Open the index.html file in the FiveSkillApp folder to run this on your browser. Additionally, the materials have been constructed as simple HTML and Javascript pages to permit easy editing and modification should you wish to alter this app for your instruction. Resilience App zip »

CatTrax Diagnostic Application

CatTrax Are you involved in instruction, training, or program evaluation? CatTrax is a diagnostic program that works with almost any test results to potentially improve learning and curriculum design. It can be used to tailor new learning to diverse settings and audiences whether through classroom-oriented instruction or non-traditional instructional methods. It can help identify not only what is easy or hard, but areas of curricular confusion, as well as learners who may be experiencing confusion. CatTrax initially provides a brief plain English description identifying problematic student related issues. Next a more detailed graphical and tabled results provides summary results for each student, their correctness score, standard error or measurement, true measure of ability, z-score, and caution index. The caution index established by Sato, Harnish and Linn, assigns a numeric value based on the observed versus the expected responses. Cautionary students show patterns that are atypical of their group, and thus provides an opportunity to address a potentially ‘at-risk’ learner at an early stage when remediation is viable. Item analysis provides test item correctness, difficulty level, discrimination index, and a caution index in either split-half or split-third formats depending upon class size. Cautionary test items may be the result of a poorly written item, ethnic, experiential, gender, or instructional bias or where a potential mismatch between instructional practices and content occurs and results in learner confusion. CatTrax diagnostics is a PHP server-based program, yet a powerful institutional server is not needed. Any Windows, Mac, Linux, or even Raspberry Pi 3/4 single board computer can run it with Apache or a lighter server. With the exception of a sample test data file (input.csv), the unzipped CatTrax contents reside in the server HTML directory. Alternatively, CatTrax can be run as a "non-server" application using PHPs built-in server -- meaning, you do not need to install Apache or other server software. Diagnostic results are generated on the fly and viewable in your browser. A CSV formatted results file can also be generated for spreadsheet or other use. Try it in Diagnostics and Evaluation. More » Or, download it. CatTrax zip »

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